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General Meeting Minutes

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2007 March 28 June 20 September 26 December 12
2006 March 22 June 28 September 27 (Agenda)  
2005 March 23 June 21 September 28 December 14
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Board Meeting Minutes

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September, 2006 [Volume 12, issue 3]

  • Third Quarter General Meeting: 09/27/2006, 6:30 PM
  • Concord Naval Weapons Station Tour
  • Clean-up Days
  • Dana Plaza Changes
  • DENA Board Elections
  • National Night Out

June, 2006 [Volume 11, issue 2]

  • Second Quarter General Meeting: 06/28/2006, 6:30 PM
  • Concord Naval Base Update
  • DENA Bylaws Amendment Proposal
  • Fight the Bite at the June 28 General Meeting
  • National Night Out: 08/01/2006 7:00 PM
  • Clean-Up Days: 08/05/2006 and 08/12/2006

March, 2006 [Volume 10, issue 1]

  • What is YOUR vision of the Naval Weapons Station development?
  • Got waste?
  • DENA board member remembered
  • DENA website news
  • Gehringer Recreational Club
  • DENA granted federal tax-exempt status

December, 2005 [Volume 9, issue 4]

  • Get CERTified
  • The new Dana Estates website is here
  • DENA membership donations
  • Join the Dana Estates online group
  • Elections
  • The Valley District has a new face and will be getting a new look
  • DENA nears federal nonprofit approval
  • Ballot (Vice Chair, Treasurer, Area Representatives, Constitution/Bylaws amendments)

September, 2005 [Volume 8, issue 3]

  • National Night Out
  • DENA neighborhood clean up
  • Garbage, junk, trash and debris
  • Trees and hedges

June, 2005 [Volume 7, issue 2]
  • National Night Out
  • Do-it-yourself traffic monitoring
  • Animals at large
  • City crime statistics
  • Dana Estates website

March, 2005 [Volume 6, issue 1]
  • First quarter general membership meeting
  • Update on Dana Plaza
  • Contra Costa Water District presentation
  • DENA applies for nonprofit status
  • Concord community prosecution program
  • Recycling and hazardous materials
  • Site 22 update
  • DENA needs you!

Concord Community Prosecution Program

The Concord Community Prosecution Program (CCP) started in October 2003 with a Federal grant from the Department of Justice.  The program's goal is decreasing crimes associated with the quality of life; it does this by focusing on repeat criminal offenders and chronic nuisances.  The program has had significant impact on various issues ranging from drug users loitering in public parks to habitual public nuisance offenders.  By hitting repeat offenders with criminal charges and stay-away orders, many have simply gone away.  Contra Costa Deputy District Attorney Jill Henderson heads the operation.  She is assigned to Concord by the county as a Community Prosecutor and works out of the Southern Field Office located on Monument Boulevard.  The program initially focused upon the Monument Corridor area, but is now growing to cover the entire city.  It is mostly funded by the City of Concord.  For more information, please contact Ms. Henderson at (925) 671-5098 or via e-mail at  

Recycling and Hazardous Materials

The City of Concord offers numerous recycling programs including residential curbside and green waste recycling, commercial and apartment recycling, composting classes, construction and demolition waste recycling, and household hazardous waste recycling including oil, paint and other hazardous materials.  For more information call (925) 671-3361 or visit the City's website at