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View From The Chair By Colleen Geraghty | March 2017 Issue

Another year has come and gone and I wish all my neighbors joy for 2017.

We on the board have come together for our first couple meeting for the year and I am very excited about the new board members. We are on track for another wonderful year for you, our neighbors. Events planned and put in place already are two neighborhood meetings on March 27th and October 23rd. Two Clean-up Days on March 25th and August 19th and Neighborhood Garage Sale August 12th. The Dana Estates Night Out is scheduled for Wednesday June 21st and will be full of lots of FREE fun for you and your family. Please mark your calendarówe would love to have all our neighbors stop by. We do this for you.

If you have any problems in your part of the neighborhood, from tree problems to a dog barking or traffic problems, and you have no idea who to call, reach out to us and your area rep or myself will help lead you in the right direction. Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance (DENA), as you know is not a Home Owners Association, however, DENA is a Neighborhood Alliance partnered with the City of Concord and DENA is you. The purpose of DENA is to encourage and maintain a neighborhood of which we can be proud of: Increase the feeling of security and concerns among neighbors; Inform the City of Concord about our neighborhood needs and concerns; Act as a resource for the neighborhood by referring people to appropriate agencies, departments, or individuals for information or services available; Provide a forum where matters of interest or concerns can be discussed and acted upon.

How we achieve thisówith you: By your volunteering to help and/or by your financial tax-deductible support.

Lets keep us safe from those pesky mosquitos, with lots of rain and storms this year, remember to walk around your house after the storm and empty any standing water. This will protect you and your neighbors. Mosquitos only need a tablespoon of standing water for 3 days to hatch. We can do our part by stirring up the water in birdbaths, pools & ponds or dumping any standing water in buckets, toys or other items where the water can pool.

Lastly, Iíd like to remind you that we do still have a Neighborhood Watch in place. If you are feeling that crime is on the rise we can set up a meeting in your part of the neighborhood for an officer to come and talk to you and your neighbors. Email us at if you would like to set up a meeting.

Part of living in Concord is the broad array of fun activities, volunteer opportunities, and ways to celebrate diversity within our city. As the darker days and rain begin to lessen, we all begin to look forward to spending more time outside!